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Hear, hear! (a cheer) =
Tomas Verheyen and some other wannabe musicians pissing away their lives while pursuing a respectable listening audience so they can become frustrated about their music being misunderstood.

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For people who believe change is something
they've lost in a couch

We made it! Our debut album will be released 28th of february.

All songs were written, recorded and performed by Tomas Verheyen in his bedroom except for
Violin on little bits (little nips), O yes indeed & Lollipop by Jeroen Goegebuer
Trumpet on For my love (if she were here), The burden & Lollipop by Dirk Van Troyen
Guest vocal on Lollipop by Charlot De Wachter

Mixing & Mastering by Floris De Decker

Artwork by Ben Gijsemans / /

Digital release
Available through bandcamp for as little as €6

CD release Limited to 200 copies
Order your copy via bandcamp for as little as €9

Vinyl release Limited to 200 copies (download code included)
Order your copy via for as little as €14/€16 (depening on vinyl colour black/red)

Physical distribution via
Vynilla Vinyl VV013
Vynilla Record Shop,
Sint-Kwintensberg 38,
9000 Ghent, Belgium
+32 (0)9 223 71 22 / /

What's going on...?


We'll be releasing our album on the 28th of Februari. We'll be playing a free release show at Café Charlatan in Ghent.

If you're interested in getting a copy there's several ways of doing so:
a) Digital release /
Available as pre-release through Bandcamp / soon via Itunes, etc
b) CD (limited to 200 copies)
c) Vinyl (limited to 200 copies)

We want your couch!

We've got this little contest going on. If you'd like to receive a signed copy of our album with a mini-concert in your couch make sure you submit it to this e-mail: hearhear.acheer éç'!|@@

Places we'll go

Date Name City Link
31 july '13 Vama Veche Brugge -
07 august '13 Doto-a-live Bornem -
17 august '13 Buggenhout Beukt Buggenhout -

Places you should have been

Date Name City Link
27 july '13 Bruksellive Brussels -
26 july '13 Boomtown! Ghent -
01 june '13 Acoustic show @ Huiskamer Ernest Ghent -
31 May '13 The Meeting / CC Bornem Bornem -
25 May '13 't Smiske / with Captain Oats & Manhog Asse -
02 May '13 Stoemp Le Coq Brussel -
26 Apr '13 TrixTrax Antwerpen, Borgerhout -
20 Apr '13 Trefpunt / Support of Buke and Gase Ghent -
18 Apr '13 G-huis Melle -
1 Apr '13 4 AD with Horses, Rhino's are people too, ... Diksmuide -
30 Mrch '13 Arenberg | Solo support Balmorhea Antwerpen -
14 Mrch '13 Bar Nadar Antwerp -
22 Mrch '13 't Gildenhuis Ruppelmonde -
01 Mrch '13 Buster Antwerp -
28 Feb '13 LP-Release, Café Charlatan Ghent -
19 Feb '13 Nachtkracht, Het Depot / With True Bypass Leuven -
15 Feb '13 Kleir op de meir Oppuurs -
10 Feb '13 Kinky Star Ghent -
22 Nov '12 Wasbar Ghent -
14 nov '12 Café Video Ghent -
09 Nov '13 Scheld'apen Antwerp -
05 Nov '12 't Krawietelke Ghent -
05 okt '12 Café Fatima Ghent -
22 Sept '12 De Beloften Ghent -
21 Sept '12 Try-out Café Commerce Ghent -
03 Nov '11 't Mooreke Hingene -



For my love (if she were here) acoustic version in a bath tub

Little bits (little nips) live @ Studio Brussels (national radio station)

Magazinski (televion program) follows us along for a day...

Poppunt Repetitiekot

About the band...

Tomas Verheyen on vocals, guitar
Michiel Bontinck on guitar
Michiel Adams on bass
Ramses Van Den Eede on drums
Tim De Keyser on keys, organ, omnichord, ...

Tom Tilley (drums)
Jeroen Goegebuer (bass)
Wannes Baeten (drums)


When Tomas Verheyen (Just Like Rainbows, Yuko) had been writing a bunch of songs that were initially intended for his band Just Like Rainbows, he eventually decided he wanted to go his own way with this new material, free of any influence whatsoever. Hence, in the spring of 2009, he decided to start up his own one-man singer-songwriter project called Hear, hear! (a cheer), performing intimate and slow-moving yet highly catchy indie pop songs using nothing but his own voice and guitar.

Shortly afterwards, this resulted in the release of the 'Acoustic Session EP', which Tomas recorded all on his own. Ironically though, Tomas hated nothing more than being a one-man singer-songwriter act, and so he soon started on an epic quest of finding the right musicians and putting a band together.

A first incarnation of this band - with Jeroen Goegebuer on bass and violin and Wannes Baeten on drums and synths - saw the light of day somewhere by the end of winter 2010 and soon started recording the self-titled 'Hear, hear! (a cheer) EP'.

Rather dissatisfied with the result though, Tomas disbanded the group by summer 2010 and again started recording all on his own, this time working on a full album entitled 'For people who believe change is something they've lost in a couch'. Firmly determined to get it right this time, he spent the next year and a half composing, recording, re-writing and re-recording, eventually arriving at a record capable of making monkeys cry, which will be released on February 28, 2013 under Vynilla Vinyl.

In the meantime, Tomas finally found the band he had been looking for, featuring Michiel Bontinck on guitar, Michiel Adams on bass, Tom Tilley on drums and Tim De Keyser on keys, organ and omnichord. Together, they've been playing pretty much anywhere since September 2012, building up a strong live-reputation as well as getting exposure on Belgian national radio and television and being selected for the 2012 edition of 'De Beloften' and the 2013 edition of Studio Brussel's 'De Nieuwe Lichting'.

With a track record like that and the upcoming album release on the horizon, 2013 promises to be a very exciting year for Hear, hear! (a cheer) indeed…